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More crazy than ever

2012-05-12 23:48:07 by Whothefrack

So hey.

Firefell Guild House. The safest place to be, if your in the guild. Guards on patrol 24/7, several arcane signils watching from the towers, walls made from pure steel. And a lava moat, but that was only for detail.
It was the new guy's turn to watch from the east tower. He was a mercanary for hire, whom the captain just picked up during his lunch break. Everyone hated the east tower. The arcane signil there was defective, and was known to occasinally emit deadly rays of radiation onto any poor sap who was near. Those who were extra unlucky would be morphed into some warped shadow of their former self, who then had to be hunted down by the other guardsmen using very painful poisioned weapons. Ironicly enough, the mercanary standing up there had a very bad reputation of being unlucky.
He was Ethan Stone the Unlucky. And no matter how hard he tried, he would always be hired by the losing side. His parents were cursed by a demon to give birth to a son who would bare the weight of a mark of evil. There are 8 marks in total, meaning 8 cursed people out in the world. Greed, Voice, Power, Destruction, Plauge, Hunger, Lust, Despair, and Unluck. Everyone feared those marked by evil, because the mark not only effected them, but those around them as well. And Unluckiness was the worst.
Meanwhile, just below the east tower, a small hole appeared in the wall. What at first seemed like a simple rock now turned over it's cloak to reveal an infilltrator. He was from High Hand Guild House, and was proving his worth to the guild master by stealing away the Firefell Guild Master's daughter. But first he needed a distraction. He continued to focus his acidic drill on the wall, opening a hole into the tower. He pulled out from his pack a banner, made to look exactly like a steel wall. Covering his tracks, he began to climb up the tower to the arcane signil's focus point. Poor Ethan was about to experience quite alot of pain.
Up above, on top the tower, Ethan has finally come to his sences. Someone with his bad luck should never stand near something as dangerous as an arcane signil, and certainly if it has the tendecy to kill those nearby.

SOPA Vs. The Internet

2011-12-29 13:45:29 by Whothefrack

It's on! I officialy declare that SOPA has derclared war on the internet.
What, you think I'm just getting up on hype? I can hear people yelling "Chris, shut up, I don't care!" I know that a majority of people here on Newgrounds don't really think that SOPA will effect them. Well, I'm just going to explain how it does, with a little help.

First up: Tom Fulp

If you have yet to read this, I'm questioning just how well you know Newgrounds. Tom Fulp's post was the first real big thing that I saw up online, acting against SOPA. It has a few other helpful links, and I found it helpful.

Second Hit: Markuss Persson, A.K.A. Notch

Notch has chossen the side for Mojang AB, going against SOPA. While not exactly more help on the topic of SOPA, it does prove that out-of country companies are effected by this U.S. law.

Third hit of the day: JeepersMedia

This is the motherload and the biggest hit against SOPA. I know it looks weird with his face all up in the camera, but listen to the video and learn what's really causing the whole SOPA issue. It's hard to summarize what he's saying, so just listen for at least the first 5 minutes.

Fourth Opinion: Whothefrack, A.K.A. Chris.

Overall, SOPA is a huge issue to the internet. I know it sounds like it's not a big deal, but really, all of Newgrounds could be taken down. All it takes is one user to post some video they liked on Youtube and Newgrounds could get it's pants sued off.
And it's not just Newgrounds. Other sites, like Kongregate, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace could have either personal users or the enitire site just be taken of the internet and then sued for using one wrong post.

Fifth hit: Rock Paper Shotgun

A list of various companies that Support or are Against SOPA. Rock Paper Shotgun doesn't have an opinion on the topic, instead they're just giving information.

Barkley, shut up and NG Game Jam 6!

2011-11-29 19:12:32 by Whothefrack

I just signed up for Game Jam as an artist. I don't know what'll happen, but I have free time so I guess I could do this. Really, I can draw some great stuff in under an hour, let alone 3 days, but I tend to be lazy. However, when It's something important, I work hard, fast and [hopefully] like SuperPro.

Goals & Projects

1-Upload more stuff, duh.
2-Get into the Art Portal, double duh.
3-Upload stuff to my Kongregate account, triple duh.
4-Work on drawing charectors and human figures. I'm trying to do a quick webcomic for awhile.
5-Practice drawing clothing. It's an easy way to practice detail, proportion, and shading.
6-Hope I don't mess up with NG Game Jam 6.

EDIT: # 6 is no longer. But the webcomic is not a lie.

Chris's Laws of SuperPro

2011-11-15 18:58:17 by Whothefrack

Because no-one really knows what SuperPro is, mostly because I think I might be like the first person to use it online, I decided to explain it a bit.

Definition of SuperPro
-SuperPro is short for Super Professional. It is a higher level of professinal, and is better than Pro.
Example: Rift-Raft honors Pros, while Pros honor SuperPros

The 1st Law of SuperPro
-There will always be more Rift-Raft than Pros, and there will always be more Pros than SuperPros

The 2nd Law of SuperPro
-SuperPro is not determined by its approval, but by its skill.
Example: The Shadling makes some pretty disgusting drawings, but his/her skill in these drawings is beyond Pro.

The 3rd Law of SuperPro
-When something/someone who is SuperPro does a minor mistake, the Rift-Raft will pass it by while Pros will notice and mention it to the SuperPro.
Example: TizzleTazzle, the gaming SuperPro and my cousion, acidently buys the wrong item in Leauge of Legends. He fixes his mistake, but his Pro teammate yells at him for wastinig 500 gold.

As I think about it more, I'll make more SuperPro Laws. Comment if you see something wrong with one of the Laws, and PM me if you think of another law.

Dude, More stuff to be done!

2011-11-04 19:08:27 by Whothefrack

Hey, I'm not so lazy anymore!
I uploaded 3 new peices, but I still need more to get anything done.
Goals & Projects

-At least 4 more new uploads by the end of the year.
-Find my old art class portfolio. There's at least 3 good peices that I want to upload, despite their age.
-Work on my Kongregate and deviantART accounts. They're both under the same name, Whothefrack, and I want to spread out my work around the web a bit.
-Get into the art portal. Duh, otherwise I'm wasting my time.

Hey, look at that invisible crowd of fans!

2011-10-06 20:25:43 by Whothefrack

Listen to that non-existant aplause!
Oh, Look at that imaginary fan there, he wants an invisible autograph!
No really, I'm just kidding myself. I'm practically talking to myself here. But don't worry, I have a plan!
I found my binder, but a few of the things are missing. So tonight I'm going to upload two new pieces, which is one real thing that I made, while the other is just me getting an Artist's Block and drawing random stuff.

In other news, you people who see this, If you play minecraft and you want to find a good server with people that I know, go use for the IP in multiplayer. We have multi-world, so creative, survival, and various themed worlds are there. Unless they reseted the server again.

And finally, just a few words I would like to say.

FLUBBERGHASTER! GREIFING! NITWIT! KONGREGATE.COM! [I have an accout there by the same name]

Hey, I'm Lazy as Fuck

2011-09-21 18:41:21 by Whothefrack

I lost a bunch of my recent drawings, so It's going to take awhile til' I find em' and upload them. Once I do, I'll release like 2-4 of them.
Goals, Alpha V.1.1
-Find my binder with all my stuff in it.

-Start the All Hallow's Eve thing, I still have no idea what I'm going to draw

-Remember that no one cares about this, I only have 1 submission right now and i'm not even in the art portal yet

-Find out what this weird feeling I'm feeling, Is it excitment for Dead Island and soon-to-be Cobalt? Or is it some random feeling of attraction, which would be pretty gay right now.


No wait, I found out. Its Dead Island, gonna buy it soon.


2011-09-12 18:37:25 by Whothefrack

I just got a new job to support me, I highly doubt (again) that anyone will care, But just some happy news anyway.

Goals and Projects comin' up.

-A new thing I drew, just something that I made in MiddleSchool that I decided to sketch
-Because All Hallow's Eve is coming up, I want to make something colorful for it, like pixel art because I suck at drawing w/ color.
-And this just came to mind, I'm wanting to make a comic on the life of my (sorta) friend, Nema, 'cause his life is even more sad than mine, and I can only remember half of mine.

I just uploaded my first drawing, Contraptions. Inside an abandoned factory, machines continue to work the production line despite the lack of human presence. I just made this account a few days ago, but I'm pretty familiar with the site, and I know my way around.